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High Quality Images with Significantly Lower Radiation Exposure

Dr. Kesselman and that staff at Riverside Orthodontics take pride in offering the latest advancements in technology to make your orthodontic treatment safer and more effective. One of these advancements is the Instrumentarium OP200 D, which provides us with consistently perfect panoramic images with individually defined exposure values for all size patients. This helps us minimize our patients’ exposure to X-Ray radiation by reducing the number of pictures that we need to take, and by using the lowest dosages possible to get the images we need.

ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH®, introduced over 50 years ago, was a revolutionary groundbreaker and pacesetter for dental panoramic X-ray imaging. Today, ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® is regarded as the leading name in the panoramic X-ray world and often used even as a synonym for panoramic X-ray units. Only an original can be called ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH®.

Consistent, repeatable gold standard image quality with a very versatile selection of imaging programs and automatically correct imaging values offer power to diagnose quickly and efficiently. The ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® standard accurate and stable patient positioning form rigid ground to build the image quality from.