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Dr. Kesselman is great. He fixed my teeth after a different orthodontist totally messed them up. I love going to their office. The staff always has a positive attitude and it’s a comfortable place to be!
– Val Salvo
Thank you Dr. Kesselman, In only 18 months I had my braces removed from when I first got them. Now my teeth are perfectly straight. Thank you so much. ‹(•¿•)›
– Philip Scarano
Riverside Orthodontics staff never fails to brighten my day. Their sense of humor, wittiness, concern and jokes never waver, and this is just one of the reasons why they stand to be the best orthodontists in Greenwich.
– Brittanie Sands
Thanks for taking care of Casey’s teeth. We can’t wait until we see the final product. Your office is very pleasant to visit on our regular monthly visits. Keep up the great work!!
– Michael Parsons
My kids and I enjoy our visits to Dr. Kesselman! He is an excellent orthodontist; he’s really nice and rarely ever keeps us waiting. His staff is great too!
– Wendy Maher Sangston
Hi Dr. Kesselman!! Anyway, I had braces put on a month ago, and by now my teeth are almost straight as a pole! This office is clean, has VERY nice employees, and is always successful with all patients who need care. If a patent… is uncomfortable in the chairs or office, than within minutes someone will be at your aid to improve your visit! I hope you find as much use of them as I have! Thank you!
– Charlie Stein
You’re the coolest guy I know and the best orthodontist around. Keep up the good work!
– Jill Clay Murasso Bouhlev
Dear Riverside Orthodontics, we love it here. The service is beyond amazing and the people are as nice as can be. Anybody would have perfect teeth when leaving the Riverside office. All in all, this place is awesome. Nobody compares. Thanks for the great work!
– Logan, Sam & Noah Hoffman
Dr. K, thank you and all of Riverside Ortho for making my teeth amazing
– Evan Tesei
Thank you so much for putting up with me and Lucy this afternoon! What a mess we were. You guys are the best!!!
– Rachel Constas
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